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If you’re searching for a quality Dearborn lawn care service, you’ve come to the right place! With Dearborn Lawn Care Pros, your lawn is sure to get the attention and service necessary to keep it green and healthy. We’re happy to provide reliable and professional landscape & maintenance service to Dearborn and the surrounding areas.


Dearborn Lawn Care Pros is the premier lawn care company for Dearborn, Michigan residents. We service lawns for homeowners, homeowner associations, and commercial properties alike. We are happy to assist you with Dearborn lawn cutting, planting new additions to your lawn, getting rid of the pesky shrubs you’ve been wanting to get out of your hair, and more.


Dearborn Lawn Care Pros aims to provide the highest level of quality for our Dearborn landscaping customers! In our initial consultation, we’ll determine your preferred form of communication – whether phone, email, text, or carrier pigeon – so we can ensure adequate contact. We take great pride in creating long-term customers by providing 5-star lawn service and customer care. Give us a call at 313-466-6591

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Free Estimate

The cost of Dearborn lawn care services depends on the service needed and the size of your lawn. For the most accurate quote, one of our lawn care specialists will visit your property. You can also take a picture of your lawn and submit it on the form on this page. A Dearborn lawn care specialist will contact you with an estimate. Of course, you can always call us at 313-466-6591 for an estimate!


Experienced Lawn Care Specialists

We have experience providing Dearborn lawn care services for hundreds of residential and commercial properties. Whether you need you need a Dearborn commercial lawn cutting service or Dearborn residential lawn cutting service, shrubbery trimming, or we’re here to help!


Affordable Pricing

We’re competitively priced. We don’t believe that having a manicured lawn should be a strain on your household or business’ budget. You’ll find that our rates are affordable while also maintaining exceptional service standards.


Flexible Scheduling

You live a busy life. You have family commitments, business commitments, and a full social calendar. Whether you want your lawn mowed in the morning, afternoon, or evening – it’s not a problem. You can schedule Dearborn lawn cutting service at a time that’s convenient for you! Give us a call today and tell one of our friendly Dearborn lawn specialists about your special needs and we’ll find a solution for you! 313-466-6591


An experienced Dearborn landscaping company

commercial and residential Dearborn lawn serviceDearborn Lawn Care Pros is a professional Dearborn lawn service with experience caring for hundreds of lawns in Dearborn and surrounding areas. We take pride in helping our clients maintain beautiful and healthy landscape that helps accentuate the charm of their residential and commercial properties. At Dearborn Lawn Care Pros, we take every job seriously – whether you’re simply in need of a reliable Dearborn grass cutter, or looking for an in-depth care and maintenance program for your landscape – you can trust us to do an exceptional job! 313-466-6591


Our Mission

At Dearborn Lawn Care Pros, our mission is to make having a beautiful lawn attainable for everyone. Our lawn care specialists make yard maintenance a viable option for you by providing affordable, responsive, and thorough service to our Dearborn lawn care customers. We ensure our equipment is maintained, blades are sharp, and lawn specialists are well-trained, so your lawn can stay healthy and looking its absolute best! 313-466-6591

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We offer lawn care services to the following areas

  • Dearborn
  • Dearborn Heights
  • Inkster


You want your lawn to look its best, and so do we! To help your lawn radiate, you must provide the proper service. That’s where Dearborn Lawn Care Pros comes in! Over the course of our existence, we’ve mowed hundreds of lawns and have learned the proper ways to maintain a lawn. We will use our experience to provide the best lawn care for your property. 313-466-6591


Dearborn Lawn Care Pros provides quality landscape services to residential properties, homeowners associations, block club associations, bank-owned properties, and commercial properties. Our Dearborn landscaping company is dedicated to providing the best service possible.


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Dearborn Lawn Cutting Service

Everyone wants a beautiful, lush lawn. Fertilizer treatments, aeration, and mulching – in addition to regular lawn cutting – is essential to getting the beautiful lawn of your dreams. Many people don’t realize it but it’s important to get your grass cut regularly if you want to maintain a strong lawn. When the lawn is cut, the healthy grass blades flourish and the weak blades are left behind. Dearborn Lawn Cutting Pros prides itself on providing high-quality and reliable Dearborn lawn cutting services. We know how important it is for homeowners to be able to proudly display their manicured lawns.


We understand your dilemma: you want a pristine lawn to enhance your property’s curb appeal, but you don’t want to spend your weekend cutting grass in the hot sun. That’s fine because Dearborn Lawn Care Pros is here to tend to your Dearborn lawn cutting needs! When you’re searching for a Dearborn lawn mowing service, you want to be sure you’re getting great service at a great price. Our Dearborn lawn specialists deliver on both fronts – and more! We are a professional Dearborn lawn mowing service with experience maintaining hundreds of lawns. We’re able to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients because our lawn specialists are knowledgeable and customer-focused, and also affordably-priced.  Give us a call today! 313-466-6591